WGA Spring Board Meeting 2018

Dear Member Nations’ Representative of the WGA

The Board of the WGA is going to held on Friday 25.05.2018 the Spring Board Meeting (SBM) in Zlotoryja Poland in connection with the Polish Goldpanning Championships.

In this meeting the Board is going to go through all current issues and prepares the things for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Hodrusa-Hamre in Slovakia.

The Board hopes that if a Member Nation considers any issues that need to be raised on the agenda at the AGM,

please do contact us on this matter.

Some Topics to be considered:

Board elections

At the AGM this time will be elections for the four of the members of the Board:President, Vice President, Treasurer and Member of the Board.

Arturo Ramella has served in the post of President maximum periods of three terms.
Jiri Dunovsky has served his first term in the post of Vice-President.
Eija Orava has served her second term in the post of Treasurer.
Frank Hartmann has served his first term in the post of Member of the Board


European Championships 2021

Year 2021 World Gold Panning Championships takes place in Dawson City, Canada.Because this event is outside of Europe, the European Championships shall be arranged in some European country.

The Board is waiting bids for this event.


Feedback from 2017 event

The Board is interested in getting your response from last year’s events.Any proposals in “how to help organizers”  of the Championships to arrange the proper competition event?

Competition rules

Any proposals in need to update the competition rules?


Any proposals to improve communication and information?


In the budget of WGA a sum of money is reserved for the projects to support young goldpanners. The Board is waiting for proposals on this item.

Please, if you have any other things you want to be handled at this meeting, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Board is waiting for you answering in this inquiry as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Board of the WGA

Raimo Repola


The Board


   Arturo Ramella                 Jiri Dunovsky                    Raimo Repola

President                                 Vice President                            Secretary

president@w-g-a.net       jiri.dunovsky@comap.cz         secretary@w-g-a.net

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