February 24, 2024

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World Gold Panning Championships 2021 – Dawson City, Canada – Cancelled 

“Following correspondence from the Local Organising Committee indicating concerns on the hosting of the WGC 2021 we had agreed to finalize a decision by Dec. 2020. 
Of course everyone was waiting for a change for the better. This didn’t happen as Countries around the World are still grappling with the uncertainties. 
Recent communication for the LOC in Canada have indicated the following: 1. The situation has not changed significantly globally. 2. The authorities do not see possibilities that international visitors will be allowed to get to the Yukon, Canada by the time of the Championships. 3. Funding is for the event is non existent as the founders are not prepared to fund any event that will promote international visitations. 

It is for these reasons that the WGA Board supports the sad and unfortunate decision to cancel the WGC 2021 in Dawson City, Canada.”

Sanjay Singh – W.G.A. President

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