December 10, 2023

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Communication Team

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[ NEWS ]

📲Communication Team has new members and more to tell you.

Chairman of Com.Team Arturo Ramella 🇮🇹 is happy to share good news about new members and plans of his team, joined by Luka Hink from Nederlands 🇱🇺, part of the Youngsters community and Michael Greyshock from California 🇺🇸 (USA).

Michael will take care of re-birth of Golden Times, the official newsletter of WGA since early days of the Association and now on a “sleeping period”. It’s time to give it a new golden era!

Luka will be our link to the youngsters and their plans and ideas for the future of our Association. We trust you!

Together with confirmed members Alba Iglesias Gómez from Spain 🇪🇸 and Christian Wolf from Austria 🇦🇹 they are your/our Communication Team so far.

The Com.Team invites all of you to visit WGA website at and to feel free to contact Arturo and the Team mates at 📧 to share news and pictures, ideas and thoughts from your side.

Keep in touch!

The Youngsters Nation at Tankavaara Gold 2019 while meeting Mr. President Sanjay Singh at the gold village events’ tent.
They are our golden future.
Feel free to tag yourselves!

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