December 7, 2023

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Flag Protocol

The Flag

That which will henceforth be referred to and defined as “The Flag” is the official standard of the World Goldpanning Association. The Flag is to be safeguarded for a year with paternal-like diligence by the Championship’s Organising Committee from the moment in which it is received at the conclusion of the previous year’s Championship until that of consigning it to the care of the Organising Committee of the following year’s Championship.

Arrival of the Flag at the World Championship Opening Ceremony Site

The Flag must arrive at the World Championship Opening Ceremony site at the head of the Nations’ Parade, carried with decorum and with the honour befitting the official standard. The Flag may be accompanied by the National Flag of the World Championship Organising Nation and by members of the Organising Committee.

The Organising Committee of the host nation will agree beforehand with the WGA President the schedule for the opening ceremony. This is critical as the raising of this flag signifies that the World Championships have been officially opened.

On arrival at the site of the Opening Ceremony, and at the appropriate moment, the Flag must be hoisted on the flagstaff provided and must be in such a position as to be visible at all times from the Competition site. As soon as the Flag has reached the top of the flagstaff, the President of the WGA (or in his absence the Vice-President) will declare that this year’s World Goldpanning Championships are now officially open.

Visibility of the Flag

The Flag will remain at full mast until the Prize-giving Ceremony and the Closure of the Championships, as set out below.

Flag Miniature

Following the Prize-giving Ceremony at the end of the Competitions the Secretary of the World Goldpanning Association, on being summoned by the President to join him on the Prize-giving Stand, will make a presentation of a miniature copy of the Flag to the President of the Local Organising Committee.

The Lowering of the Flag

At the conclusion of the Prize-giving Ceremony the Flag will be lowered. This phase will involve two people who will undertake the furling of the Flag while it is being lowered. The Flag will then be delivered into the hands of the representatives for the following year’s World Championships’ Organising Committee.

Use of the Flag on Occasions other than World Championships

The Organising Committee may display the Flag, in the phases which precede the Inaugural Ceremony, only during official ceremonies promoting the World Championships.

Deterioration of the Flag

In the event of damage to, or loss of, the Flag, the Organising Committee in whose custody it was must undertake to replace the Flag, or deposit the necessary funds for the Flag’s replacement with the WGA Treasurer.

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