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Good news from Zlotoryja

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World Championships for the third time

Zlotoryja had previously hosted the World Gold Panning Championships in 2000 and 2011

A unique pageant

We hope that after a two-year break, a colourful and unique historical procession will return to the streets of Złotoryja.

Polish Brotherhood of Gold Diggers

Centuries have passed since the times of Zlotoryja’s greatest splendour. However, many traces of gold mining in Zlotoryja have remained. After the changes which took place in Poland in 1989, a small group of people with Jan Kusek and Józef Zatwardnicki at the head, decided to build an association on the basis of the town’s rich history and its golden traditions. This is how the Polish Gold Diggers’ Brotherhood was established in 1993. This crazy idea of a handful of people turned out to be a hit in the proverbial “bull’s eye” and its effects exceeded the expectations and plans of its organisers. The first Polish Championships were organised in 1994. As one of the organisers recalls

“.. we spread the news about gold panning to the world. After some time a receptionist from a hotel called us and asked what we were doing, because usually at that time the hotel, which was empty, was already booked and everyone was asking about gold. We went through a whole onslaught of scrubbers, spectators and journalists. It was only then that we realised we had caused a real gold rush, which continues to this day.”

Already the same year in the Alpine town of Rauris (Austria), during the World Goldpanning Association (WGA) convention, the Polish Brotherhood of Gold Diggers was admitted to this international organisation as the official representative of the Republic of Poland.

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