December 10, 2023

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A page is to be created here, with beautiful memories of past world championships. Photographers are invited to submit their best photos from the last years 1977 to 2018 of the World Championships. We want to share your nice memories with this site. Also send information with which year and who is the photographer. Send your photos to 

Goldpanning World Championships 1977  Tankavaara, Sodankylä, Finland

Goldpanning World Championships 1993 Tankavaara

Goldpanning World Championships 2017 Moffat Scotland

Goldpanning World Championships 2013 Italy Mongrando

Goldpanning World Championships 2019 Tankavaara, Finland

This years World Champs was a very special event for me, as i became a double World Champion. Winning in the 5 person team and the Proficient men’s.
I was later informed that i was the first person from the UK to have ever won it since the First World Champs took place in Finland in 1977.
by James Linnett

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