March 5, 2024

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Dear Goldpanners’ Family,
it is indeed a time of great concern regarding Covid-19 all over the World.

Many of the WGA member countries are experiencing much strain and pressure on their health and economic situation too.

On behalf of the WGA Board we wish to ask all WGA members, their families and friends to take special care during this worldwide pandemic.
You have all been in our thoughts and prayers over the recent weeks!

Our Golden family touches all parts of the world in some way or another therefore we call on us all to join in unifying prayer for a speedy and successful resolution in overcoming this pandemic.

Our family has always shown amazing love and care for each of us whenever we meet. The positive attitudes of all gold panners has always been one of our best qualities.

Let us remind each other that we are family across the World.
We are thinking of each other daily. And we will see each other again as a big happy golden family soon.

The WGA board is still busy at work.
Further information will be communicated as the situation stabilizes.

Take the necessary precautions and be safe.

Sanjay Sing
WGA President

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