December 2, 2022

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Message from Zlotoryja, Poland

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Dear golden friends from all the World.
Referring to the inquiries sent to us regarding the current situation in Poland, we would like to inform you, that as of today we do not take into account the possibility of canceling the championship, for which we are all so waiting.
Poland is a safe country today.
We do not expect above-standard problems related to the safety of the participants of the championship, both in connection with the pandemic and war currently conducted by the Russian aggressor in Ukraine.
We reserve, of course, that this is our official position for today. We are monitoring the pandemic situation in Poland on an ongoing basis, also considering the appearance of nearly 2 million refugees from Ukraine in Poland. Now, the situation is in no way different from what we had to deal with before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.
The war is taking place in the neighboring country, over 700 km from Złotoryja. Right now, there are no rational indications that the war will spill over into Polish territory. NATO guarantees seem to be sufficiently not encouraging Putin to launch any attack on a NATO allied country.

We feel sorry for our Ukrainian neighbors and support them as much as we can. We are with them in spirit and heart. We believe that Russia will withdraw its troops from Ukraine and end its aggression, and Ukraine will remain an independent country.

If in any way the situation in Poland changes in terms of security, we will react and keep you informed.

Meanwhile, see you in Złotoryja soon!

Jarosław Dudkiewicz
Polish Brotherhood Goldpanning Association

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