December 10, 2023

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Message WGA Communication Chair

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Arturo Ramella - Communications Committee Chair Person

Hello all.
Do you know what? I am the WGA Communication Chair and this certainly gives me some advantages, but these days I realize how important it is to communicate. Never before have we been so far away, we in all the Member Countries of the Association, and at the same time, how close we are thanks to the communication systems that technology makes available to us. The Internet is our home, for everybody. The messages and the continuous exchanges of thoughts and words via Facebook, the most private Messanger and WhatsApp are our connections several times per day. Thanks to all of you for this. Thanks to who wrote asking “How are you?” and thanks for those who inform us of the situation in their homeland. We are a World, but above all we are the Golden Family, as our President wrote recently, we are really the Goldenet. So I embrace you all warmly (but virtually) and I hope to see you as soon as possible, all healthy and happy more than ever. Keep us posted and keep in touch (ok, not that kind of touch). Arturo.

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