This year the NZ Goldpanning Championships will be held on Sunday 28th April on Butler Green,
Arrowtown alongside the Arrowtown Autumn Festival.
We are looking forward to seeing you there competing amongst the best gold panners in the country and
catching up with old friends.
9.30am – Registration starts. Ends between 11.30am and 12pm depending on entries.
10.00am Heats will start and run through till finished.
Lunch break.
2.00pm “Stake your Claim”.
2.30pm Team Event.
3.00pm Category Finals, then NZ Champion.
4.00pm Prizegiving.
Entry fees will be the same as 2018: $15 for the first entry per person and each subsequent entry will be
If you have entered before we would appreciate it if you would consider bringing back for re-use any
gold and gold bottles you might have stored away at home! This helps us to keep the costs down, and
hence the entry fees.
We are trialling a new gold system this year. Stu Ide, one of our committee members, has invented a
way of standardising the gold flakes we use. They will comply with World Rules and will all be of a
uniform size and weight. We will be collecting the gold in after each heat for re-use as they do at the
Australian Championships. Attached is a photo of the proposed flake shape and size.
This is designed to keep the costs down. Every competitor will receive a souvenir gold pottle containing
a few flakes of gold as a memento.
We always need help with set up and break down, so if you would be able to help please let us know.
Even just hang around at the end to help us get home before dark! Many hands make light work….

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