December 7, 2023

World Goldpanning Association

Welcome to the worldwide home of goldpanning!

Our board

Each club needs leadership and our WGA board – consisting of 5 members – keep the WGA running smoothly.

The President, the Vice President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the 5th Member are elected by the Member Countries at the Annual General Meeting, while the Chairpersons of the Competition Committee and of the Communication Committee are appointed by the Board. President terms lasts 4 years, other members’ term is 3 year time and they can be re-elected once. 

If you would like to send an e-mail to the Board, then you have to replace the (AT) with the special character “@”.
this is a precaution to avoid spam, thank you.

To reach one of the members of the Executive Board, please e-mail: president(AT) 

  • Competition Committee Chairman: Esko Orava
    e-mail: competition(AT)
  • Communication Committee Chair: Arturo Ramella
    To reach the Communications Committee, please e-mail: communication(AT)
  • Communication Committee WGA Website: Christian Wolf
    To update the WGA website, send messages and reports: e-mail: goldwaschverein(AT)
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