December 10, 2023

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World Goldpanning Championships 2020 is open!

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President Sanjay Singh addressed the participants and here’s the Opening speech.

Novy Knin, 18 August 2020 (Virtual Presentation)Good evening and hello to Our Gold Panning Family from across the World! And off course Special greetings to those that have made it to Novy Knin for the WGC 2020

Indeed, we are experiencing strange times.

Let us convey our warm greetings and Salutations to the following people;
• The state / regional government representatives,
• The Local Mayor of Novy Knin and his council,
• Members of the Czech Gold Panning Association,
• Members of the Local Organizing Committee and other volunteers,
• Representatives of the media establishments,
• Members of cultural and entertainment groups,
• Stall and exhibition holders,
• Service providers,
• Dear Friends, supporters and well wishes.

Where does one start under such circumstances?

My memory was caste back to the Czech Presentation evening in Tankavara Finland last year. An evening spent with good food and beer, beautiful music and dance so typical of CZECH People, and a vibration of joy, love and a promise of a great event in Novy Knin in 2020.

The enthusiasm and eagerness expressed by all member countries and our family of gold panners from across the world was that we were going to converge in great numbers for our annual gathering of the Gold Panning Family celebrations.

Then the World found itself with a situation that saw all control of life out of our hands. People of the World from all walks of life had to face tough and daunting decisions in an ever-changing scenario.

Off course Our Gold, panning family was also not sparred but despite all of these trying times, many of you have made it to Novy Knin.

With much apprehension and caution the Local Organizing Committee in Novy Knin supported by the WGA went on with preparations as best as they could.

The optimism, courage, and determination displayed by the LOC all along made it quite clear that there was a great sense of support and teamwork among them. Thank you to the LOC , as your attitude gave confidence to the WGA and its members that we will indeed converge successfully in Novy Knin this year . Albeit under more controlled circumstances.

Gold panners are truly resilient and determined.

Social media had played an indispensable role in keeping us all across the wold appraised on progress over the last months.

We were aware of when you stated to set up the site, we saw pictures of the site, the panning dams, the camping and caravan sites and the practice dames. We also saw progress on the meetings of the LOC and the tubing of the gold. We saw the medals and the souvenir T-shirts and off course the specially bottled rum for the event.

Our message to all who have made it to the event; “the LOC has worked tirelessly, let appreciate and enjoy all that had been prepared. Always remember these are unusual situations and therefore sometimes there will have to be unusual solutions, please be patient.

The LOC has gone to great pains to give high priority to your safety BUT it is also the responsibility of each one of us to observe the health and Safety protocols as is expected.

To the Leadership of the Town of Novy Knin, thank you for having this unique Gold Panning family of the World into your Beautiful town. Gold panners will really treasure the beautiful memories they make with you.

On this note, huge congratulations to the Local Museum and its staff for constantly marketing the town and its surrounding areas over the last months. The Information you shared was really inviting. Well done!!! It has reached so many of us.

A message to all those that who could not make it to Novy Knin. Yes, we are all mostly sad and disappointed that we could not be there. Many had booked a year in advance and had to have plans cancelled. Remember those who are there are our family, they will represent us all well and I have no doubt that they will carry the Flag of the WGA high.

May the WGC 2020 be the most memorable one yet.

We will be with you in spirit and we will be waiting daily for your postings on social and other media platforms. Keep them coming.

Best wishes to every single participant from our children, youth to our veterans. May you pan your best and achieve the results as you expect.

To the LOC may you have free and fair competition. May all the systems run efficiently. I’m have no doubt that your dedication, focus and hard work with pay off with a very successful event.

God Bless us all. We will soon be together again.

Photographer Daniela Múčková

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